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Nurture your child's love of learning and strengthen their academic foundation with our PP2 December Holiday Homework Booklet. This comprehensive booklet provides a fun and stimulating way for your child to review and reinforce key concepts learned throughout the school year. Developed by experienced early years educators, the booklet aligns with the Kenyan Early Years Education CBC and covers a wide range of subjects, including: English: Practice early literacy skills through engaging stories, rhymes, and activities Mathematics: Develop number recognition, counting, and sorting skills through hands-on activities Kiswahili: Foster language development through storytelling, singing songs, and interactive games Science: Explore the fascinating world of science through simple experiments and observations Social Studies: Learn about colors, shapes, and basic concepts of community and family Benefits for Parents: Ensure your child retains and strengthens their understanding of core PP2 learning areas Provide engaging and stimulating activities to prevent boredom during the holidays Promote a love of learning and foster a positive attitude towards education Benefits for Teachers: Recommend a valuable resource to support your students' learning over the holidays Gain insights into students' strengths and areas for further development Contribute to a smooth transition back to preschool in the new year Order your copy today and make learning fun and rewarding during the holidays!
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